Views of a Facebook executive on social media


What is the need of the hour?

  • The need of the hour is to quit social media and do some soul-searching.
  • The Facebook executive said we were building something, and in the deep recesses of our mind, we knew something bad could happen.
  • Rather than connecting people, the social media disconnects people.

Why you need to stop using social media?

  • These are the tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works.
  • All the future world leaders must internalize this.
  • There’re all sorts of things on social media fake news, misinformation, no-cooperation, etc.

Who can use social media to take advantage of situations?

  • Take an example, there was a hoax in WhatsApp, people were afraid their children would be kidnapped, and there was lynching they thought they found the person who’s kidnapping children, while he was innocent.
  • Any infringement group can spread the content they want and influence people’s opinion.

How social media affects our minds?

  • The short-term driven dopamine driven feedback loop is destroying how society works. You receive a like on your post, a reaction, a comment and some dopamine(happiness inducing hormone) is released.
  • This fake popularity can create huge tension.
  • It forces you into a vicious cycle because you nedd that dose of dopamine back, think of that thing compounded by 2 billion people.
  • This is just for one person, imagine when you can take then at to extreme, you can make people do anything you want.



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