The Real Sin City of the Wild West


For a brief period anarchy reigned in America. In just a quarter of a century – from about 1865 to 1890 – a fundamental facet of our national persona took shape in the untamed lands beyond the American frontier. Characterized by lawless gambling towns, frenzied gold rushes, and legendary racketeers, the Wild West was rich with opportunities for those quick with their wits or their guns. But what was life really like in the Old West? SIN CITY OF THE WEST explores the physical evidence left by this often myth-clouded chapter in American history. Contemporary accounts – such as newspaper reports of superhuman exploits and uncorroborated memoirs written as promotional materials – are notoriously unreliable, so LOST WORLDS goes straight to the sources: recent excavations, archival documents and scientific analysis. What LOST WORLDS reveals is a society just as thrilling and as we’ve always imagined, but far more sophisticated and varied than the image we’ve received from Hollywood. With trademark vividness, computer reconstructions transport you to a time when legends were made and our national character was formed. Strap on your six-shooter! It’s time to walk the dangerous, dusty streets of the most notorious towns of America’s wild frontier.


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