The Music Instinct: Science and Song


The Music Instinct: Science and Song provide a ground-breaking exploration into how and why the human organism and the whole ebb and flow of the cosmos are moved by the undeniable effect of music.

This follows visionary researchers and accomplished musicians to the crossroads of science and culture in search of answers to music s deep mysteries.

This is a comprehensive look at how the brain reacts to performance, just listening, atonal music, the sensory reactions from person to person, instrument, voices to others.

The mic and camera into the uterus of a pregnant woman showing the baby smiling and hearing the music. All subjects confirming what music makers have always believed – we are hardwired to appreciate and perform music with the cortex of the brain showing white hot light in the MRI – the brain on music.

Very exciting program and all the more sad and depressing when it also shows the importance to our childrens’ education in all subjects when they learn to play music before the age of 10 and we have cut music and art as non-essential subjects.


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