Iboga Nights


Can an African plant root known as iboga provide the cure for chronic drug addiction? Documentary filmmakers David Graham Scott seems to think so. In Iboga Nights, Scott sets out to observe the potency of the psychedelic root on several heartbreaking subjects who have become withered slaves to their addictions.

Scott can attest to the effectiveness of iboga from personal experience. As documented in his previous film titled Detox or Die in 2004, he attempted to overcome his heroin addiction with a prescription to methadone, a popular opiate replacement therapy embraced by the medical mainstream. Like many addicts, his eventual reliance on methadone became even more troubling and all-consuming than the addiction it was designed to treat. Desperate for a remedy, Scott decided to take a chance on an ibogaine treatment and was shocked to discover that he was able to kick his crippling heroin habit after only one dose of the mystical root.

A mainstay of certain tribal rituals for its ability to provoke hallucinatory episodes of spiritual awakening, iboga has been heralded as a miracle cure for the cravings and withdrawals that come with addiction, yet its overwhelming potency may harbour potential dangers as well. Evidence of the latter occurs early in the film as Scott points his camera at the goings-on of an iboga treatment clinic, where addicts converge in a Dutch suburb to be administered the controversial therapy. While two of the clinic’s subjects experience miraculous recoveries free of withdrawals in a matter of hours, one of the patients must be transported to the hospital and placed on life support after he stops breathing.

Does iboga represent a viable solution to this growing crisis, or is its success or failure rate contingent on unrecognized factors? The more serious scientific study must be conducted to further verify the efficacy of the iboga root as an addiction treatment method, but this is unlikely to occur. The medical industry is far too consumed by motivations of profit to explore the notion of a single-dose remedy to a disease as widespread as addiction. With great humanity and probing curiosity, Iboga Nights plead for compassion, understanding and a renewed commitment towards the millions of addicts whose lives currently hang in the balance.


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