Facebook Shadow Profiles


Facebook claims it’s not in the business of creating profiles for non-users however, it does collect a lot of their information.

Collections of mostly off-platform information on both users and non-users are commonly referred as “shadow profiles”, and while Facebook claims that such things don’t exist, it does admit taking actions that would be necessary for them to exist in some shape or form. In other words, shadow profile or nor no shadow profile, Facebook has plenty of information on people, whether they signed up or not! In a recent blog post, Facebook explained why and how it obtains information about people from other websites and apps. That includes information about people who never even made a Facebook profile. When it comes to the why, it’s pretty much same old-same old – enhancing products and services, improving safety and security and providing services to other websites and apps. However, in this video, we’re going to focus on the how.

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